Collection: Artist Collection: Daaman Porcelain Jewelry

Daaman Porcelain Jewelry is handmade by Jeff and Judy Goodwin in Arkansas. The artists create their jewelry from their own colored porcelain clays, making a beautiful lightweight piece with bold colors. Each piece is edged with 24-karat gold luster.

The artists describe their jewelry-making process: "Our jewelry is made from colored porcelain clay mixed with our personal recipe. We divide the clay, color it with clay stains then build a block or loaf with the different colors. The jewelry is made from slicing the ends off of the loaf and forming each piece. All our jewelry is fired 3 times in a high fire kiln then edged with 24-karat gold luster before it's final firing. We then assemble the jewelry as earrings, pins, pendants or bracelets."

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