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Patrick Rowe

Patrick Rowe Bacon Cooker, Black & White

Patrick Rowe Bacon Cooker, Black & White

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    The bacon cooker is New Morning Gallery's all-time bestseller!

    Because our bacon cookers are all handmade, there may be slight color or size variations than the items shown.

    Patrick Rowe's bacon cookers are handmade in North Carolina and measure approximately 7"w by 5.5"h.

  • Drape bacon slices over center well.
  • Microwave approximately one minute per slice. Adjust cook time to allow for your microwave settings and bacon thickness.
  • Grease drips into saucer for easy disposal.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • High fire stoneware with lead-free glazes.
  • Place your hot bacon cooker on a trivet or cloth to avoid cracking the clay. Cold counters can cause thermal shock.
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