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Stegall's Stoneware

Stegall's Stoneware Egg Cooker, Color Options

Stegall's Stoneware Egg Cooker, Color Options

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    Stegall’s Stoneware is a veteran-owned and operated ceramics studio in Tennessee. Alan and Nancy Stegall make the wonderful functional ceramic pieces you will find in this collection.

    The famous Egg Cooker by Stegall is a handy dish to have when you are in a hurry making breakfast! With this handy dish you can make a delicious omelet in one minute. Simply crack an egg into the Egg Cooker and genty scramble. Add cheese, onions, and other ingredients as desired. Microwave approximately one minute.

    Each item is handmade and will vary slightly in color and size. Measures approximately 1.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Will include instruction card based on availability. Individual microwave times may vary slightly.

    If you do not see the color you like currently in stock in our online store, please contact us to order the item you need. You can find our contact page below, or call us at the gallery at 828.274.2831

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